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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

walt disney world 2019: animal kingdom

our last park day for our disney trip was spent at animal kingdom.  when we visited disney two years ago, the one park that we missed was animal kingdom, so we were happy to be able to spend a day in that park this trip.  (the last time i was at animal kingdom was over 20 years ago with my family!)

animal kingdom has such a different feel from all of the other disney parks.  there were great rides and animals all over the place.  here are some photos from our day at animal kingdom . . .

^the tree of life sits in the center of the park and it is magnificent.  you could stare at it for a long time and keep finding new things since there are carvings of so many different animals all over the trunk.^
^even though we never watched the pandora movies, pandora land was really cool.  we went on the two pandora rides and spent a long time marveling at the gardens in pandora land.^
^when in disney, you have to say hi to mickey and minnie!^
^one of the things i was most excited for was the safari ride in africa land.  we went bright and early after the park opened so that we could see the animals while they were still awake and before it got too hot in the afternoon during their nap time.  we loved it so much that we ended up going on the safari two more times throughout the day.  i'm really glad we did because we saw different animals each time!^
^expedition everest was such an awesome roller coaster!  it went forward, backward, and then forward again.  so clever!^
^dinoland was fun, but i have to admit that the dinosaur ride was a little scary!^
^all of the shows were great, especially the live lion king show!^
 ^everything was so neat lit up at night, especially the bioluminescent forest and the tree of life!^

love, laurie

. . .

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ma pa camlet said...

Those animals looks very close to the tram. I want to touch the lions belly.

Mom H. said...

You packed a lot into one day. I would enjoy seeing all of the animals, especially so close.