Wednesday, July 17, 2019

a very rare occurrence

i've mentioned before that leko very much loves a small pink plastic ball that we have.  it's his favorite toy and he plays with it every day by hunting it and "killing it" before delivering it to us (kind of like a dead bird or mouse).  when we're not home, he dunks it in his water bowl which we keep in the bathroom for him.

when we came home on saturday after the garden tour, we found both pink ball and its friend green ball in the water bowl!!!

this was a surprise because this has only ever happened once or twice before (once for sure)!  we're not sure what the special occasion was that made him dunk both balls, but we sure thanked him for it!  what a cutie!!!

love, laurie

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

a summer flower show and garden tour

over the weekend my parents and i went to a local garden club's flower show followed by a neighborhood garden tour.  it was a gorgeous day with great weather which made for a perfect day for a garden tour.  i took a ton of photos of all the flowers.  above are a handful of them from our day.

love, laurie

Monday, July 15, 2019

a video of our norwegian escape cruise to bermuda

to conclude our bermuda cruise posts, here is a video of clips from our trip.  we had such a great time on our cruise.  i'm so glad we have all of these photos and videos to look back on to remember our trip.  (for those wondering, the music is "good to be alive" by andy grammar which is a song that the norwegian cruise line uses often.)

love, laurie

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Friday, July 12, 2019

norwegian escape cruise to bermuda - part 5

we ventured out on our own to the beaches and the city of hamilton during our first two days in bermuda.  for our third day we decided to book an excursion through our cruise ship to make sure that we would get back in time before the ship set sail.  

we took a glass-bottom boat from the docks about 6 miles out off the coast of bermuda to the site to two shipwrecks.  out there we got to snorkel around the wrecks and check out the remains of the ships along with all of the beautiful coral reefs and the fish that call the reefs home.  after an hour of snorkeling the shipwrecks, we got back on the boat and went to a second location to snorkel a different section of coral reefs.  the second location was even better than the first!  the clear water allowed us to see all of the fish and reefs.  it was really awesome and i felt like i was in the little mermaid movie!

our boat returned us back to our ship at the dock in time before our ship set sail.  i'm so glad we decided to do this excursion because it was such a great experience!  (thank goodness for a waterproof camera for this excursion!!!)

love, laurie

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Thursday, July 11, 2019

norwegian escape cruise to bermuda - part 4

after spending the first part of the day at workwick beach during our second day in bermuda, we got changed and took a trip to the city of hamilton to visit the bermuda botanical gardens.  we had the gardens to ourselves since no one else was there.  the flowers were absolutely beautiful!

even though it was unbelievably hot and humid while we were there, we still had a nice time looking at all of the gorgeous gardens.

love, laurie

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