Monday, October 16, 2017

a gentleman's guide to love and murder

we kicked off the broadway tour season this weekend by working the national tour of a gentleman's guide to love and murder.  ryan and i were excited when we learned that the tour of this show was coming to our venue because we saw it on broadway for our anniversary in 2015 and absolutely loved it!

we worked the (very long) load in and load out of the show.  even though we weren't on the same crew (i was on carpentry and ryan was on electrics) we did get to work together a little and got to have our lunch and dinner breaks together.  we also got a chance to see one of the performances on friday night, which is pretty rare!  even though it was an exhausting weekend, we had fun doing it.

love, laurie

Friday, October 13, 2017

friday the 13th

today is friday the 13th (and it's actually the second friday the 13th we've had in 2017 - the last was in january).  can you believe that approximately $800 to $900 million is lost in business in the u.s. on this day because people are afraid to fly or do business as they normally would!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed for a peaceful friday the 13th today as we load on our first broadway tour of the season in the theatre!

have a great weekend!
love, laurie

Thursday, October 12, 2017

love bug

it's impossible to resist this adorable kitten, especially when he curls up in a ball on his favorite fleece blankets to stay warm.  i told him last night that the highlight of my night is coming home to him after a very long day and curling up with him in the evening.  of course he ate that up and was acting extra cute last night!

have a great thursday
love, laurie

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

snapshots of life lately . . .

a few photos of . . . a pretty view from a restaurant patio on a fall night overlooking a baseball field, kitten cuddles in bed, a broccoli and mushroom pizza for two, a chipotle lunch date, and a quaint front door decorated for fall.

love, laurie

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

the paper caves

i have been wanting to visit "the paper caves" ever since i saw this segment on the news back in august.  local artist samuelle greene turned an art gallery into an elaborate cave made of one million pages from old books, all of which were hand rolled and glued into place.  it's an art installation that you can walk through with amazing details at every twist and turn, and the gigantic sculpture is truly breathtaking in person. 

the exhibit is only open on saturdays for a few hours, so i was excited when we finally got the chance to see it this past weekend.  here is a neat video showing how the paper caves were created with a chicken wire base.  below are some pictures i snapped on my phone while we were there . . .

love, laurie

Monday, October 9, 2017

cuddle kitten

the weather has been alternating back and forth between hot and cool.  leko doesn't seem to mind what the temperature is, he is always up for cuddling on one of our laps!  tonight is his favorite night of the week because it's monday and dancing with the stars is on (his favorite show)!

happy monday!
love, laurie

Friday, October 6, 2017

happy birthday, little blog!

today my blog turns 6 years old!  it's really hard to believe that it has been 6 years since i started this blog back in 2011 on a whim.  6 years later, i'm still grateful to have my little corner of the internet as a virtual scrapbook to chronicle the highlights of our lives.

happy birthday, little blog!
love, laurie

. . .

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Thursday, October 5, 2017

world ballet day

today is world ballet day and to celebrate there is a 22-hour live stream of 5 of the world's leading ballet companies here.  how cool!  im happy to be celebrating world ballet day tonight after work with my own ballet class!

happy dancing!
love, laurie

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

just hanging out

i was watching tv in bed a few nights ago and realized it got quiet.  i looked over the side of the bed to find leko just hanging out like this with half of him under the drawers and half of him sticking out.  i had to grab my phone and snap a picture for ryan.  what a silly kitten!

love, laurie

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

happy techies day (and some exciting news)

i've mentioned several times before that ryan and i have been working in the theatre industry in various capacities for many, many years.  it's a deep passion that we both have and we're glad that it's something we share and can do together.  so, we couldn't let today pass by without taking a moment to say happy national techies day! 

this year's national techie day is extra special for us.  initially i wasn't planning on sharing this on the blog, but since today is national techie day i couldn't resist.  last night i was officially sworn in as a full member of the stage hands union (international alliance of theatrical stage employees).  ryan has been a member for over a decade.  he is also the treasurer, chair of the education committee, and sits on the executive board.  he has been encouraging me to join for a very long time, but i've always found a reason to put it off.  i worked as a causal (non-member) in the past and for the last year have worked as an applicant going through the long process to become a member.  i'm thrilled to say that after exactly 10 months (to the day) i completed my (very long) application/evaluation/interview/test/approval process and i'm now a full member.  i got sworn in at last night's meeting in front of the body and it brought a little tear to my eye to look over at ryan sitting behind the head table beaming with a smile ear-to-ear as i recited my oath.  he said "congratulations!" after we were finished and i thought to myself "finally!"  we both thought it was a neat coincidence that i became "official" just in time for national techies day!

techies often go unnoticed, so in honor of today, thank a techie for all of their hard work behind the scenes to make things happen!

love, laurie