Thursday, September 3, 2015


ryan found this video while skimming through the news online, and i could not believe my eyes when he showed it to me!  two fishermen in alabama were out on the river when they came across two stray orange kittens.  the kittens swam to the boat and the fishermen rescued them.  when the fishermen came to shore, they found a family to adopt the kittens.

seeing this was just too much for my kitty-loving heart to handle!  god bless these two fishermen for rescuing the kittens.  things like this restore my faith in humanity.

love, laurie

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

walking around merli-sarnoski park

on sunday morning, before the weather got to be unbearably hot, we took a walk around the lake trail at merli-sarnoski park.  it was quiet and peaceful, and we practically had the park to ourselves (except for a few fishermen and a small group that was having an outdoor church service under the pavilion).  it was nice to walk around the lake and to spend some time outdoors.

love, laurie

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

hello, september!

hands down, summer is my favorite season.  i'm a warm weather girl through and through.  while summer is not technically "over" september 1st does mark the first day of meteorological fall.  even though my love of summer runs deep, and i'm not ready to say goodbye to the summer just yet, there is something special about the fall.  saying hello to september means saying hello to:
- gorgeous tall sunflowers
- apple picking
- apple desserts and cider doughnuts
- pumpkin flavored and pumpkin scented everything
- visiting local farms
- mums in all different colors
- crisp cooler temperatures at night

what are you looking forward to in september?
love, laurie

Monday, August 31, 2015

real life: my cat's in the tub (again)

on a daily basis leko ends up either on the edge of or actually inside the bath tub.  this happens several times a day.  he is totally obsessed with drinking water from the faucet and he loves getting wet from the dripping water too.  

i have known a lot of cats in my lifetime, but i have never met a cat who loved water as much as leko!  i snapped this picture on my phone the other day (it's a little bit fuzzy, but you get the idea).  that kitten sure keeps us entertained!

happy monday!
love, laurie

Friday, August 28, 2015

fun links

happy friday!  i'm so glad the weekend is here and i'm looking forwarded to the nice weather that is forecasted for saturday and sunday!  here are a few fun links that i found around the internet recently:

1. remember all of those dear kitten videos that i have shared in the past?  well, they made three more and they are just as good as the others: bathing your humanthe art of massage, and regarding friendship

2. speaking of cats, these texts from the cat are entertaining.  luckily leko hasn't figured out how to text yet!

3. one of the courses i teach undergrads and grads is public speaking, so i really liked this article about 8 master strategies for public speaking

4. this cake looks insane!

5. this cheesy corn dip looks really good, not healthy, but good

6. 12 ab workouts (which would be necessary after that cake and cheesy corn dip!)

7. pinterest food fails never fail to make me laugh

8. bizarre ingredients hidden in food labels . . . yuck!

9. amen

have a wonderful weekend!
love, laurie

Thursday, August 27, 2015

it's just hair . . .

the last time i got my hair cut in the beginning of the summer i instantly fell in love with the length and the cut.  in fact, it was my favorite hair cut to date.  it fell right in line with my clavicle bone when straightened and it was so easy to manage, especially during the summer.

yesterday i decided to get my ends trimmed up for the fall.  my intention was to get it cut like i did in the beginning of the summer, but maybe just a tad shorter.  my stylist only took a little extra off, but boy did that little extra make a drastic difference.  it felt way too short (this is the shortest my hair has ever been) and i panicked a bit.

ryan (being the superhero that he is) reassured me that it's only hair and my hair grows back really quickly.  i know it will be back to "normal" before i know it, but man did it shock me when i looked in the mirror.  on the plus side, it does feel light and healthy, but i'm still looking forward to it growing out about an inch or two.

we took a photo after my hair cut (you know, for documentation sake) and leko got in on the action.  i always say he is so photogenic.  whenever he sees a camera he looks right at it and poses, i swear.  ryan snapped two photos in succession of me holding leko and when we looked back at the photos we burst out laughing because those two photos perfectly captured him yelling at ryan behind the camera.  of course i made them into a gif.  too funny!

love, laurie

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

the perfect pillow

we spent the entire day at home on sunday working around the house.  it was so nice to be able to get a bunch of things knocked off our ever growing to-do list and to not have to run anywhere.  we completely wore ourselves out, but we weren't the only ones who were tired from a long day of working.  leko was totally exhausted from "supervising" us.  hey, it's a hard job but someone has to do it!

ryan sat down in bed for a few minutes to rest his aching body and feet, and leko jumped right up and nestled down for a nap using ryan's foot as a pillow.  we just couldn't stop laughing.  i grabbed my phone to snap a picture before he woke up.  this furry little guy always keeps us entertained!

love, laurie 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

water pipes and sewer lines and underground excavation, oh my!

remember that famous line from the wizard of oz: "lions and tigers and bears, oh my!"  dorothy, the tin man, and the scarecrow chanted it as they made their way through the woods right before they met up with the cowardly lion in the movie.

we felt a little bit like the wizard of oz characters this week, blindly making their way through the forest, except our chant was a bit more along the lines of: "water pipes and sewer lines and underground excavation, oh my!"

being home owners has been one of the most rewarding and frustrating things that we have ever done.  it's great when everything is going along fine and working well, but let me tell you, when it rains it pours.

it all started with a little drip from the kitchen faucet.  before we knew it we had several major problems on our hands.  in the last week we have had to rip out our front yard to repair a sewer line in our yard, put the yard back together, rip out more of our front yard including our sidewalk to repair more sewer line in our yard, put the yard back together again, majorly clean up our basement from the sewer line issues, and then to top it all off rip out the plumbing for our kitchen sink and replace all of it.

it has been a stressful, exhausting, and very expensive week.  however, i'm happy to report that as of yesterday afternoon i do believe everything is finally fixed.  thank goodness!  i'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything holds for a while and that we don't have any other issues for a bit!

happy tuesday!
love, laurie

Monday, August 24, 2015

saturday at nay aug park

the weather was absolutely glorious this weekend.  the temperatures were in the 80s and the humidity was relatively low compared to what it has been lately.  we soaked up the gorgeous weather on saturday by hiking around nay aug park with my parents.

we love to drive through nay aug park every december to see the elaborate christmas lights that the city displays in the park, however, it has been a while since the last time we walked around the park in warm weather.

it was so nice to be outside enjoying nature and watching the waterfalls (along with watching the crazy people jumping off the rock cliffs into the water below).  it was a nice way to spend a saturday afternoon!

love, laurie

Friday, August 21, 2015

snapshots of life lately, according to my iphone pictures

. . . and ryan's iphone too.

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love, laurie