Wednesday, November 22, 2017

cute but slightly terrifying

99% of the time leko looks angelic when he sleeps.  the other night, he fell asleep on my lap with his head tilted back and his mouth slightly open.  it was cute but slightly terrifying at the same time.  i had to snap a picture and send it to ryan to show him!

love, laurie

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

a christmas story

our second show of the broadway tour season was the national tour of a christmas story this weekend.  we both worked the very long two-day load in as well as the load out, and ryan had show call for all five shows.  although we didn't get to see each other too much, it was nice that we were both on the electrics crew together for the in and the out, and got to see each other a little for breaks in between. 

since our load in ran right up to the start of the first show on friday night, and since we had driven together, instead of going home i decided to stay and see the show by myself while ryan worked it.  i bought a cheap seat up in the very back of the balcony to watch the show.  we did manage to sneak in a quick dinner date at our favorite thai restaurant across the street between shows on saturday too.

love, laurie

Monday, November 20, 2017

dear tech gods, send help!

yesterday morning, i connected my iphone 7 to my imac to sync it in order to load a playlist of music onto my phone for my dance studio's christmas show.  after syncing my phone, itunes told me that there was a software update available for the phone (iso 11.1.2) so i clicked on it to do the update.  however, something must have gone wrong because the update never finished successfully and my phone has been stuck on a white progress screen for 24 hours now.

i have googled everything i can think of and have tried all of the "tricks" in the book.  i've held down the power button and the volume down button simultaneously until the phone shut off and then kept holding until the apple logo appeared . . . multiple times!  i've unplugged it from the computer, re-plugged it, plugged it into the charger, unplugged it . . . it died, it came back to life.  all of this and 24 hours later and i still cannot use my damn phone!

every time the phone turns back on, it goes to the white downloading progress screen and looks like it's nearly done (it's like hanging out around 99% completion) however it never finalizes.  i do not want to force a factory reset because i do not want to loose everything on my phone that is not backed up!  i have some important stuff on there from over the weekend from work which didn't get backed up yet.

i'm praying to the apple tech gods for help because i'm ready to throw this thing out the window and seriously need to be able to have access to my phone because of work!  it was a nightmare yesterday trying to figure out my sunday work schedule details with no phone (and nerve wracking driving in a snow storm knowing that i had no connection to the outside world).

. . . needless to say, if you need to get a hold of me you can't.  send an email or send up smoke signals.  in the meantime, i'll be over in a corner weeping and cursing technology.

oh it's definitely monday.
love, laurie

Friday, November 17, 2017

national homemade bread day

today is national homemade bread day and goodness gracious, ryan and i both love bread!  this week i made homemade cast-iron skillet rosemary focaccia bread which tasted great but didn't rise like i had hoped.  oh well, it's a good excuse to try again!  here are some of our favorite bread recipes:
fluffy white sandwich bread
whole wheat rosemary bread
homemade soft pretzels
cheddar and honey cornbread biscuits with parsley and chives
corn and cheddar scones
sun-dried tomato, chive, and asiago cheese mini scones
individual cornbread squares
rustic cast-iron skillet irish soda bread

and let's not forget sweet breads too:
chocolate chip banana bread
zucchini bread
cinnamon rolls

happy baking!
love, laurie

Thursday, November 16, 2017


on saturday morning, we had a little bit of time together before ryan had to leave for work and before i had to get ready for the gala.  we sat on the couch together to stay warm with some hot cocoa and got caught up on episodes of cake boss  recorded on our dvr.  of course, leko came up on ryan's lap to join us.  i loved the way he crossed his arms as he sat so proud on ryan's lap.  what a cutie!

love, laurie

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

i can't even . . .

yup, this is a real thing.  yup, you can actually purchase these pants.  yup, society has gone too far once again.

love, laurie

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

fighting the urge to hibernate

ugg this weather does not feel like fall at all, instead it feels like winter.  the temperatures are freezing cold (literally below 32 degrees most nights), it's overcast, and most of the leaves have fallen off the trees.  i'm not ready for the depressing slump of winter weather yet and it's taking all of my strength to fight the urge to just climb in bed with leko and hibernate until spring!

love, laurie

Monday, November 13, 2017

a night out at the broadway theatre league gala

on saturday evening i had the opportunity to attend the broadway theatre league's annual gala.  i have heard about this event for years (this year was their 11th gala), and ryan has even worked the event in the past, but i have never attended it.

i've mentioned before that ryan and i both work as stagehands for the international alliance of theatrical stage employees union.  in addition to being a member of the union, i am also the chair of the education committee for our union.  since i am the new chair this year, i was offered the chance to attend the gala to represent our union which works for the broadway theatre league.

it was a black-tie affair complete with a red carpet.  i found out pretty last minute that i was going, so i pieced together an ensemble in just a few days (a total cinderella moment).  i borrowed my neighbor's prom dress, borrowed my mom's matching diamond ring and earrings, re-wore my wedding heels, and did my own hair and makeup.

i had fun getting ready for the event and a lot of fun at the gala.  ryan was not able to go, but i was excited to be there with several people who i know well.  i mingled, ate, and danced on the dance floor in front of the band playing until the last song at the end of the night.  it felt like a combination of an adult prom and my wedding reception!

i really wasn't able to get many photos at all, but here are a few . . .

^i wish this picture wasn't so blurry, but you get the general idea.  it has been years since i've done my hair in an up-do.  those two star hair pins are special to me because they are exact replicas of the swarovski hair pins that emmy rossum wore when she played the role of christine in the phantom of the opera movie!  i was happy to finally have a chance to wear them.^
^the theme was black and gold, and the decor was absolutely beautiful.  i felt like i was at an elaborate wedding.  that gold star on my napkin was solid chocolate too ;-) ^
^i'm so glad i was able to get these two pictures with my two mentors from college who are now close family friends as well as co-workers!^
^i stayed until the end of the evening and they were giving away the centerpieces.  it was too beautiful not to take home with me.  as soon as i came in the door, leko gave the centerpiece a thorough investigation.  needless to say, we are now enjoying it's beauty from atop our refrigerator because that is the one place he cannot get to it to chew on the eucalyptus leaves!^

love, laurie

Friday, November 10, 2017

fun links

since it's friday, here are a few fun links i found around the internet recently . . .

1. in case you're one of the folks having trouble with the new update

2. 25 helpful tips for baking cakes

3. i'm not wild about the idea of automated grocery shopping

4. this is interesting

5. clever photographs

6. what a great invention

7. super cute thanksgiving garland

8. epic email and text fails

9. the video of this ballerina on the ellen show made my week (what she does with her feet at the 29 second mark of the video is unreal!)

have a great weekend
love, laurie

Thursday, November 9, 2017

veterans day flags

for the past several years, the student veterans alliance at the university where i work has displayed thousands of american flags on campus in honor of veterans day.  this year they did their "flags for the fallen campaign" again, displaying over 7,000 american flags on the campus lawn.  each flag represents a fallen service member.

the flags are on display all week and i drive past them every morning on my way into work.  it's really something to see the thousands of flags arranged in perfectly straight lines, blowing gently in the breeze.  the project is such a lovely tribute to the veterans who served our country.

love, laurie