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Friday, April 12, 2024


this guy is always happy whenever he gets to break free from being inside and go outside.  here's hoping for a nice warm spring for more noah frolicking! 

love, laurie

Thursday, April 11, 2024

a treat for noah

after spending way too much time working in the theatre on our children's theatre show, noah deserved a treat.  on sunday we took him to the park for the first time this spring and then went out for ice cream.  we all loved it!  we went on the swings, tried out all of the play equipment, and went up and down the slides countless times!

love, laurie

Wednesday, April 10, 2024

a few more photos from "little red riding hood"

we really loved our production of little red riding hood.  in addition to the photos i took during our final dress rehearsal, a student photography major from the school newspaper came and took photos during our second dress rehearsal night.  she shared the photos with me and she had nearly 200 awesome close ups from the show.  here are just a few of julie's great photos . . . 

thanks, julie, for these great photos!
love, laurie

Tuesday, April 9, 2024

"little red riding hood"

for the past month we've been hard at work on this year's children's theatre production of "little red riding hood" at the university.  well, really it's been longer than that . . .  

back in october, noah and i started writing the script for this year's show instead of using an existing script.  we kept working on it straight through the winter and finished it up in time for rehearsals to begin a month ago.

i mentioned last year when we did jack and the beanstalk that children's theatre is near-and-dear to my heart and it's a genre of theatre that i absolutely love.  i have never done "little red riding hood" before and thought it would be a good choice for this year, but i didn't like the endings of the existing scripts so i decided to make my own version.  i never thought i would tackle the project of scriptwriting, yet here we are . . .

i wrote the script, directed the show, and designed the costumes and scenery.  ryan was the technical director, production manager, and lighting designer.  we both oversaw props and audio.  

noah was everyone's supervisor and executive producer.  he was a trooper through rehearsals and absolutely loved sitting and watching the runs of the show!  (i must have done something right to hold the attention of a 19 month old baby for 45 minutes straight!)

i can't even believe that after all of our hard work, "little red riding hood" is over.  i'm exhausted, but i'm sad to see it go because i really put my heart into this show and enjoyed the process.  i had a good time putting the show together and i'm proud of the outcome . . . really proud of this one.  i told the cast and crew that we created magic together and that's exactly what we did for over 1,300 people who came to see the show.

here are a few photos i snapped on my phone during our final dress rehearsal . . . 

love, laurie

Monday, April 8, 2024

passing judgement

the way noah lounges in a seat in the theatre having a snack and silently passes judgement with his facial expressions of what's happening on stage is beyond hysterical.

the commercials for the planet fitness gym says it's a "judgement free zone" . . . noah is definitely not judgement free!

love, laurie

Friday, April 5, 2024

easter sunday 2024

we spent easter sunday at ryan's parents' house with our family.  we ate, visited, and watched noah hunt around the house for eggs.

that little bunny tail is too cute

love, laurie