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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

walt disney world 2019: the magic kingdom (day 2)

our fourth day in the parks during our disney trip was spent in the magic kingdom.  we spent a full day in the magic kingdom on wednesday, but there is so much to do there that we decided to spend a second full day in the magic kingdom on friday.

here are a bunch of photos from our second day in the magic kingdom . . .

^cinderella's castle is absolutely beautiful and makes the perfect backdrop for photos!  i was excited to get to wear the t-shirt that i bought before our trip with my favorite cinderella quote on it.  (i also have this quote framed at home too.)  ryan even matched me in "cinderella blue."^
^we caught one of the shows in front of the castle as well as the afternoon parade.^
^since it opened, be our guest restaurant has been impossible to get into because reservations fill up months in advance.  i really wanted to check it out because i heard it was themed like the beast's castle from "beauty and the beast" but knew that there were no reservations left.  the stars aligned and one reservation opened up for us to have lunch there.  it was awesome!^
^each room in the restaurant is themed like a different room in the beast's castle.  we ate in the ballroom, which i was most excited to see, and it really was like we were right in the movie.  it even snowed outside the ballroom windows!^
^just couldn't pass up an opportunity to meet cinderella in my cinderella t-shirt!  (she loved my shirt by the way.)^
^it is a must to enjoy a mickey pretzel while sitting on the ground to hold your spot waiting for the night fireworks show to start!^

love, laurie

. . .

you can see more of our disney trip photos here, here, and here


ma pa camlet said...

You really got great pictures of the two of you. Love the Mickey pretzel. Your shirts and shoe match. That is a good picture with you and the mosaic.

Mom H. said...

So many pretty photos! I like how your blue shirts match the sky and the ornamentation on the castle in the second and third photos. The ballroom restaurant is beautiful; I'm glad to got a chance to eat there.

Unknown said...

You really got great pictures of the two of you.