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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the carnival valor

we had such an amazing time on our caribbean cruise.  it was a great vacation.  we loved all of the ports of call that we visited, and the carnival valor was an incredible ship.

our cruise ship held 2,980 passengers and 1,180 crew members.  there were so many things to do and to see on board.  we enjoyed the numerous pools and hot tubs, saw a ton of different shows in the theatre and the lounges, and of course ate way too much food.  (the food was so unbelievably good!)  there was even a 214-foot long water slide on board the ship too!

we took a ton of pictures while we were on the ship (and a ton of pictures of the food too)!  here are just a few of the photos that we took around the ship . . .

^the view of our cruise ship docked in san juan from our airplane^
 ^a free mango smoothie and a free strawberry-peach smoothie . . .
past guests get cool perks!^
^our private balcony . . . perfect for watching the ship sail
in and out of each port of call^
 ^going down the water slide^
 ^relaxing in one of the many hot tubs^
 ^the main lobby^
 ^a cooking demonstration by four of the carnival chefs^
^our dining room^
 ^all of the food was so good on the ship!^
 ^we loved dressing up for dinner each night, especially the formal nights^
^a few of the towel animals we found in our cabin^

love, laurie

. . .

you can see more photos from our caribbean cruise here:
st. thomasbarbadosst. luciast. kittsst. maarten, and san juan


Lauren W said...

It's been awhile since I've caught up on my favorite blogs. It looks like you've been having a great past few weeks and a very relaxing vacation :) You looked gorgeous in that pink formal dress!

Ma Pa C said...

The ship is calling my name. I love the blue lights on deck and the picture of the sea with the sun rays.

Mom H. said...

Great photos! And you two always look so color-coordinated!