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Thursday, May 15, 2014

st. lucia, west indies

the third port of call on our caribbean cruise was st. lucia in the west indies.  while we were in st. lucia, we took a land and sea combination tour of the island.  it was so neat to see the island from both perspectives.

on our tour, we saw lush green mountains, banana valleys, rain forests, and fishing villages.  we drove through countless banana farms, and even stopped at a banana stand where we got to try banana ketchup.  (we were surprised that it actually tasted just like tomato ketchup!  it was really good!)  we also stopped at a little fishing village and watched the fishermen bring their boats ashore filled with the fresh fish they had caught.

we went to the diamond botanical gardens, where we saw all different types of exotic flowers as well as a beautiful mineral waterfall.  we got to see st. lucia's two famous piton peaks towering 2,500 feet above the water.  we also drove past the crater of the mount soufriere volcano, before stopping in the town of soufriere.

after the land part of our tour, we boarded a catamaran in soufriere bay to view the island from the water.  aboard the catamaran, we sampled some local creole cuisine for lunch.  we sailed around st. lucia and admired the gorgeous coastline, before anchoring at a beautiful beach for swimming and snorkeling.  we saw so many fish swimming around the coral.  we even got to see a little sea urchin too!

love, laurie

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ma pa camlet said...

I can't believe that the town is actually built in an inactive volcano. I hope it does not become active.
Beautiful pictures, I need blue water. The beach does look familiar, maybe the miracle floated out to sea.

Mom H. said...

It is so sunny and beautiful there. The tropical plants are amazing. It looks like the perfect tropical location and those peaks are really unusual.