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Friday, May 16, 2014

st. kitts, west indies

the fourth port of call on our caribbean cruise was st. kitts in the west indies.  it was a bit overcast and rainy while we were in st. kitts, but we still had a really great time on the island!  when we got off the cruise ship, we took a scenic drive by bus along the southern coast of the island before boarding the st. kitts railway.

on the train, we sat on the top level of a double-deck rail car to see the magnificent views of the island from the open-air observation deck.  the train traveled along the northeastern coastline, winding through small villages and farms, and across tall steel bridges.

along the way, we saw countless sugar cane fields stretching from the mountains to the coastline.  the mountains were beautiful.  st. kitts has such unique black volcanic sand beaches too.  from the train, we also saw st. kitts sister island of nevis in the distance.

our tour guide gave a narrative history of the island and singers on the train entertained us with island music while we sipped pina coladas.  it was such a neat experience!

love, laurie

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Mom H. said...

Very pretty. I especially like the photo of the mountain with the cloud sitting right on top of it.

ma pa camlet said...

I like the had sitting on the seat. It looks like it would match your dress. Did you bring the donkey home for Leko. Train track looks a lot shabby. But lovely views from the train.