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Monday, November 2, 2020

halloween 2020

halloween 2020 was certainly a lot different than past halloweens, but we still enjoyed ourselves!  i kicked off halloween on wednesday night with my dance students.  they all dressed up in costume for dance class so i sported my festive "happy halloween" shirt!

on saturday, we were thrilled to actually have the day off work on halloween!  that never happens.  our parents came up to our house for the day.  we decorated the house and had a lot of yummy things to eat for lunch and dinner.  (ryan and i planned on getting dressed in costume, but then we never got around to it because we were so busy . . . oh well, there's always next year!)

look at my parents!  my mom dressed up as a fancy cat and my dad dressed up as hippy!  so great!

ryan's parents dressed up too!  ryan's dad dressed as a penn state fan/cheerleader and ryan's mom dressed up as peter pan.  loved it!

we made mummy wrapped hot dogs with eery ketchup red eyes (of course there were vegetarian hot dogs too!)

we also made pumpkin hummus decorated to look like a jack-o-lantern.

and we made a cute 7-layer-taco dip topped with a sour cream spider web and black olive spiders!

for lunch we also had some fresh veggies with dip and roasted parmesan potatoes.  later in the day we had pizza for dinner with homemade pumpkin spice lattee tiramisu!!!

my parents bought us these light up gloves several years ago and they were great since it was so cold outside!

leko got in on the action too checking out all of the lights!  we did hand out candy to trick-or-treaters while wearing masks and gloves.  all together we only had 48 trick-or-treaters come to our door.  that's an all time low for us in all the years we've lived here.  my favorite costume of the all the trick-or-treaters was a little girl dressed as monarch butterfly!

love, laurie

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Anonymous said...

We really had a fun Halloween day. I am glad that I was able to partake in the celebration this year, because it was always a week night and I had to work. Food was very creative and delicious, and the house looked great, inside and outside.

Mom H. said...

We enjoyed the whole day. Everything was delicious, especially the taco dip! Yummy! Thanks for inviting us to spend the day with you.