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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

halloween 2017

oh my goodness, last night was a great halloween!!!  i felt like a little kid all night. unfortunately, ryan had to work and miss trick-or-treat, but my dad came up to join me.  as soon as i got home from work, i got into costume as dorothy from the wizard of oz.  this costume was one that my great aunt hand made for me when i was somewhere in middle school.  it has always been one of my favorites.  i re-wore it one year in high school and was glad it still fit so that i could re-wear it again this year.  my mom found the stuffed dog to put in my basket as toto and boy was that a huge hit!  all of the kids kept asking if they could pet toto!  it was really cute.  two separate trick-or-treaters even took toto out of my basket and put him in their candy bags!  luckily i got him back each time.

my dad and i had dinner together (homemade enchiladas) and dessert (homemade chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with coconut) while we waited for the trick-or-treaters to arrive.  all together we had 147 trick-or-treaters come to our door.  (believe it or not, that's actually our lowest count in years!)

i was happy that several of my dance students who live near me came to my house to trick-or-treat.  it was cute to hear them yell "it's miss laurie!" when they realized it was me.  there were a lot of great costumes, but my favorite for the night was a giant inflatable t-rex costume.  it was pretty impressive!

here are some photos from our halloween last night . . .

^i kept my makeup simple to try to look younger and just added a few freckles on my cheeks with brown eye liner.^
^leko told me his costume was the lion from the wizard of oz.  however, he wanted to be clear that he wasn't the cowardly lion before visiting oz, he was the lion with courage after visiting oz because he is a very courageous kitten!^
^the courageous lion gave toto a very close inspection before halloween could commence!^
^i loved my dad's halloween snoopy sweatshirt!^
^as we were taking these picture outside before trick-or-treat started, i heard people yelling, "look, there's dorothy!" from down the street.  everyone really loved my costume!^
^leko was watching us through the front door as we were outside taking pictures and setting up the decorations, it was so cute!^
^our pumpkins that we carved and painted over the weekend all lit up before and after dark.^
^a small section of our light display.^
^waiting by the front door for the trick-or-treaters to arrive while clicking my heels like dorothy.^ 
^it was so nice to see several of my dance students come trick-or-treating at our house.  i only got a picture with one of them though.  she was dressed up as princess elsa from the disney movie frozen.^
^can you tell which is real and which is stuffed?  ha!  at the end of the night, leko was sitting with the stuffed animals looking out the door to see if there were any more trick-or-treaters coming!^

hope everyone had a happy halloween!
love, laurie
. . .

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ma pa camlet said...

Wow looks like a lot of fun. Glad dad got to share it with you. Next year I think I will take off from work and join you. Love how the house was decorate with the lighting and of course you look authentic. Leko is cute by the basket with the black cat. Maybe he wants a friend.
Fabulous night. Dad really enjoyed himself. You two were both kids again.

Mom H. said...

I love that costume - so pretty! I also like your dad's sweatshirt. It looks like Leko was wondering about that puppy in the basket! Halloween is still fun. We only had about 29 kids, but most were polite.