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Thursday, November 1, 2018

halloween 2018

last night was a great halloween!  we celebrated by doing trick-or-treating at our house.  ryan had the day off work, so while i was at work he spent the day decorating the house for halloween.  when i came home from work i got dressed up and my dad came up to visit for trick-or-treat time.

we all had dinner together while we waited for the trick-or-treaters (mini pizzas) and then moved out to the front porch to hand out candy while eating dessert (my mom's homemade caramel-peanut dip on apples).

all together we had 162 trick-or-treaters!  several of my former dance students who live nearby came to our house for candy too.  here are some pictures from last night . . .

^a cowgirl and her trusty horse (who was super cooperative all night up until we tried to get him to take a picture with me . . . he really didn't like my hat)!^
^my dad dressed up as uncle sam and leko kept staring at him to make sure it was grandpa under that wig!^
^leko stayed in the living room and watched most of trick-or-treating.  one little girl was excited to see him looking out the front door.  another little boy asked me where my horse was when he realized that i was a cowgirl, so i pointed inside to leko.  i don't think he got it though.^
^i can't believe this is the only picture we have of ryan from halloween and it's only his reflection!^
^as trick-or-treating was starting to wind down, leko decided to cuddle up on the blanket right inside the living room window because it was as close to us as he could get because we were right outside on the porch chairs.  what a cutie!  he was so good all night!^

hope everyone had a happy halloween!

love, laurie

. . . 

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Mom H. said...

Your costumes are great! It looks like you had fun. The porch looks pretty with the purple and orange lighting. We had just 40 Trick-or-treaters.

ma pa camlet said...

House looks great and so does you costume. Who is yelling louder you or Leko.