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Monday, November 3, 2014

trick or treat!

on friday evening after work, my parents came up to our house to celebrate halloween.  we put halloween-themed lights and decorations around our house and lit the pumpkins that we carved.

we handed out candy to 180 trick-or-treaters who came to our door.  that was the most trick-or-treaters that we have ever had!  we had so much fun handing out candy and seeing all of the different costumes that the kids were wearing.  our favorite was one kid who dressed up as a slice of birthday cake.  creative homemade costumes are the best.  leko helped to guard the front door and told us when the trick-or-treaters were coming up our sidewalk too.

one of the things that my mom made for dinner was stuffed peppers.  she used orange peppers and cut faces in them to look like jack-o-lanterns!  they were so cute!

hope everyone had a great halloween!
love, laurie

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previous halloweens: 2011, 2012, and 2013


Mom H. said...

I love your Halloween shirt. Leko's expression just makes me laugh - he is so wide-eyed! Those peppers are cute and look yummy!

ma pa camlet said...

Great pictures. We did have fun. I agree the birthday cake costume was the best.