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Monday, June 13, 2022

walt disney world 2022: animal kingdom

we headed to animal kingdom on saturday to finish off our disney vacation.  it's always great to see the animals, ride the rides, see the shows, and admire the beautiful landscaping!

here are a sampling of photos from our day in animal kingdom (a combination of photos that we took and photos of us that the disney photographers took with our memory maker photo pass).

^expedition everest is such a great roller coaster!  i couldn't ride, but ryan went on with my parents.  glad we have the ride photo to see their reactions!^
^i was happy to be able to ride the dinosaur ride!  another classic.^
^the animal safari is incredible.  i'm so glad we got the opportunity to ride it twice because each time you see different animals.  we couldn't believe how close they were to the safari truck!^
^we ate lunch at satu'li canteen and it was really good!^
^thanks, mom and dad, for the mickey ice cream treat!  it was refreshing on such a hot and humid afternoon!^
^the pandora land is really beautiful how it's decorated.  we were happy that we were able to ride both pandora rides.^
^we took a break from the afternoon heat and enjoyed some a.c. indoors while we took a drawing class.  it was a lot of fun!^
^the festival of the lion king is always such a good show, it never disappoints!^
^we had dinner at the rainforest cafe.  we were so hungry that we ate before we snapped a picture of our food.  we did get a photo of dessert though.  my parents treated us to the ultimate celebration cake/ice cream dessert in honor of baby boy!  it was definitely enough to feed 4 people!^

love, laurie

. . .

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1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Animal Kingdom was a really fun park. That Pandora ride was fantastic. How come I am the only one holding onto the handles during the dinosaur ride?