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Monday, June 6, 2022

walt disney world 2022: magic kingdom

we kicked off our disney trip by making magic kingdom our first park to visit.  we spent all day on tuesday in the park and packed a lot into our day.

it's hard to pick a favorite park because they are all so different, but magic kingdom is probably my favorite because it's classic.

here are just a sampling of the many photos from our day in magic kingdom (which are a combination of photos that we took and photos of us that the disney photographers took with our memory maker photo pass) . . .

^it's a little emotional entering the park and seeing main street usa.  we couldn't pass up the opportunity to have our photo taken with roy and minnie's statue.^
^the view of cinderella castle all the way down main street usa really is breathtaking!^
^we were grateful to have the genie+ system to get us onto so many rides without having to wait in all of the long lines.  we kicked off our morning by going on it's a small world.^
^there's something really nostalgic about climbing through the swiss family robinson treehouse attraction.^
^the disney photographers are so clever and add a little extra magic to your photos from time to time . . . like this little addition of chip from "beauty and the beast" in front of the beast's castle.^
^there were really so many photos it was crazy.  so hard to narrow them down to just pick a few to share!^
^we grabbed a bite to eat at the pinocchio village haus which we had never been to before.  we tried the roasted street corn flatbread and it was so good!^
^saying "hello" to sebastian from "the little mermaid" at the little mermaid ride.^
^we grabbed a bite to eat at columbia harbour house too and it was great.  we've eaten there before, and it never disappoints.^ 
^for dessert at the end of the night we popped into main street confectionary for a treat!^
^of course the night wouldn't be complete without watching the nighttime projections/fireworks show at cinderella castle.  the technology is really incredible!^

love, laurie

. . .

you can see more of our disney trip photos here

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Excellent pictures!! We really had a great time and the photos bring back great memories. Thanks again for all you did to make the trip exceptional.