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Thursday, June 9, 2022

walt disney world 2022: disney springs

after two fun park days in magic kingdom and epcot, we continued our disney trip on thursday by taking a day "off" from the parks to rest our bodies and our feet.  i was glad for it too because the florida heat/humidity was no joke and we were really worn out.  on top of that, i felt like i was battling a touch of a head cold on thursday too, so we needed the time to recharge.

we had a slow morning and spent a little time floating in the pool at our resort.  then we headed over to disney springs in the afternoon for dinner and to see the new cirque du soleil and disney combination show "drawn to life" which was incredible!

we didn't take a ton of photos on thursday, but here are a few photos from our day in disney springs . . .

^we packed cereal and almond milk for quick breakfasts in our hotel room on mornings before we went to the parks.  since we had the day off on thursday, we had breakfast at our resort.  we couldn't let the trip go by without a mickey waffle!^
^the disney lego statues outside the lego store at disney springs are always impressive.  i can't believe the patience someone has to construct the disney characters out of thousands of lego pieces!^
^we had dinner at paddlefish at disney springs before the show and it was delicious!  we had never been to paddlefish before and we loved it.^
^the show was wonderful!  it's really incredible the artistry of the performers and how creative the technical elements of the show were.^
^we finished off our evening at disney springs by stopping by the newly opened salt and straw ice cream for dessert.  ryan and i had visited the salt and straw in portland years ago and loved it.  it was some tasty ice cream!^

love, laurie

. . .

you can see more of our disney trip photos here, herehere, and here


Mom H. said...

More great photos, delicious looking food, and what amazing Lego figures!

ma pa camlet said...

It sure was hot at Disney Springs. The show was excellent! We are glad we took time to see that show. What talented, flexible performers. It was nice sampling ice cream at a new place which was very good.