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Thursday, March 30, 2017

a sweet mail surprise

when we came home from work the other day and checked the mailbox, we were surprised to see a package in the mailbox from ryan's aunt sandy.  ryan's aunt sandy is incredible with a sewing machine, and she has made us several different things from a table runner and coasters which we use every summer to a snap-shut little pouch which i use every single day to hold my gym accessories (gym membership card, headphones, lock, headband, etc.).  every time we see something she makes, we're always so impressed by her detail and by how well everything holds up over time.  (trust me, i have put that little gym pouch to the test over the last several years.)

inside the package were two handmade place mats.  one side had a tractor applique and the reverse side had butterflies.  when we visited ryan's aunt and uncle at their cabin this past august, ryan fell in love with their tractor, so sandy thought of ryan when she found these two tractor appliques.  she included butterflies on the reverse side for me since i love butterflies (in my two favorite colors, purple and orange).

the package was such a pleasant surprise after a long day at work and we just love the place mats so much!  such thoughtful sweet mail to receive!

thank you so much, aunt sandy!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

They are beautiful! Sandy is an excellent sewer; everything she makes looks perfect. What a nice surprise and so very thoughtful!

ma pa camlet said...

Wow! They are perfect and so appropriate. I wish I could have the patience to sew like that.