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Monday, August 29, 2016

saturday in god's country - part 1

on saturday, we took at trip to ryan's aunt and uncle's cabin to visit his family.  this is a trip that everyone has been trying to organize for a while, so it was really nice that it finally came together.  the last time we were out that way was three years ago when we got our tandem bicycle, but i had never been to the cabin before. 

driving out to the cabin is like driving to the middle of nowhere.  it is absolutely so peaceful and remote.  the area is actually nicknamed "god's country" and when you're there it's easy to see why.  everything is so gorgeous.

we visited with ryan's family and took a walk in the woods to enjoy some incredible views of the area.  we really lucked out with perfect weather.  it was such a nice day.  after that quick trip this weekend, we can't wait to go back.  it would be especially beautiful in the fall when all of the leaves are changing colors.  here are a few pictures from our time at the cabin on saturday . . . 

^ryan's uncle ed and aunt sandy have the world's coolest doorbell.  i can't believe that i didn't get a picture of the bell itself!  the rope below the deck moves a huge metal bell on the deck.  it's pretty neat.^
^i'll give you one guess as to what ryan now wants for christmas this year!  (and as a side note, i have never seen so many bee nests in my entire life!  thank goodness they are no longer inhabited!)^
^the outhouse is cute and all, but i am very grateful for indoor plumbing!^
^the most inviting pathway leading to spectacular views!^
^this picture really made me chuckle.  ryan's uncle ed was talking about his property and everyone was listening so intently.  all i could think of was that scene in the lion king when mufasa says: "look, simba.  everything the light touches is our kingdom."  ryan's aunt and uncle own 30 acres!^
^talk about a view!  now ryan is dreaming of building a cabin on the empty lot next door.^
^thank goodness for tripods and cameras with self timers so that we could actually get a picture of everyone!^
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Those pictures are really nice. That sure looks like God's country. It is great to get back to nature and what is really important in life.

Mom H. said...

Great photos!