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Monday, July 20, 2015

snapshots from the weekend . . .

^our local farmers market opened for the season on friday.  even though we knew it would be busy, we just couldn't pass up going on opening day.  we got a ton of great produce, including sweet cherries, zucchini, onion, kale, cucumbers, tomatoes, and potatoes.  you can't bet fresh locally-grown produce!  when we brought it all home, leko was excited to smell it all and to inspect it.  of course, he always has to be right in the middle of everything!  we put that produce to good use over the weekend making a lot of great things with it.^

^the temperature cooled down on friday night after diner, so we loaded the bikes up on the back of the car and hit the bike trail.  this summer we haven't had a chance to bike as much as we normally do, so we were really itching to take a ride.  it was especially nice to be out enjoying the fresh air and the outdoors because we have been cooped up inside for the past two weeks since ryan was sick.  so glad he is feeling better!^

^on our way home from the bike trail on friday night we passed by a local ice cream shoppe and stopped for some soft-serve.  we love this place because their prices are so reasonable and they believe that sprinkles should always be free.  can't argue with that!^

^bright and early on saturday morning our neighborhood crime watch committee held a pancake breakfast fundraiser.  how fun!  it was a tasty way to support a good cause.  after breakfast, we checked out a few local yard sales before ryan had to head off to rehearsal and my mom and i went to help my aunt with her yard sale.^

^ryan's mom gave us a tiger lily plant at the beginning of the season, and we were happy to find two flowers blooming on it sunday morning.  tiger lilies are so pretty and i just love their bright orange color!^

in other news, we ran into wegman's to do our weekly grocery shopping on sunday morning and right there in the aisle in front of me was phil lapp!  phil and his wife laura are from lancaster, pa and they created neat which we absolutely love!  i thought it was him, but i wasn't completely sure (i mean, after all what would he be doing in my wegman's) so i stalked him around the health-food section for awhile before determining that it was actually him.  ryan encouraged me to go over to him, so we got to meet him and talk to him for a little bit about his product.  how cool!  wegman's carries neat products, and phil was spending the weekend touring around different wegman's stores and demoing the products for customers.  i felt like i met a celebrity and it just made my day.  (if you haven't checked out neat, be sure to check it out.  we absolutely love it!)

hope everyone had a great weekend!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I'm happy to see that you have some lilies blooming. They are really pretty!

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun weekend and I am glad Ryan is feeling better. Love the flowers. My favorite is chocolate sprinkles on ice cream or hot fudge. Maybe you can review neat products on your blog. Would he let you do that?