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Friday, July 17, 2015

around these parts . . .

the weather has been all over the place.  so hot and humid that you feel your face melting off one day, then the next day so cold and rainy you would swear it was autumn and not the middle of july.  mother nature is freaking out i think.

summer dance classes started this week.  it has only been one month since our dance recital, but good grief my body sure got out of shape in that short period of time!  hopefully summer classes will get me back on track.

poor ryan has been crazy sick for the past week.  he started with a sore throat (which i was convinced was strep, but according to the doctor it was not) which then morphed into a strange upper respiratory infection followed by a disgusting eye infection.  he was falling apart!  two trips to the doctor and four antibiotics later, luckily, he finally started to show signs of coming back to life yesterday and he started to seem like himself again.  who gets sick like that in the middle of the summer?

ryan got himself roped into stage managing a local opera and rehearsals for the show start this weekend.  luckily, it's a quick turn around since the performances are next weekend.

our local farmers market opens for the season today and we are super excited to go and load up on fresh local produce!  you just can't beat the prices at the farmers market and we love supporting local farms.

thank goodness it's friday, it sure has been a doozy of a week!

have a wonderful weekend!
love, laurie

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Love the photo of the violet and how the background is an abstract of the flower itself. It think I will save that picture.
Glad to hear Ryan is starting to feel better. Strange virus. Good thing you and the Leko did not get it.