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Thursday, October 27, 2011

caramel apples

caramel apples are one of the easiest fall treats to make, yet they are one of the tastiest.  we were craving caramel apples last night but we were tired, so instead of taking the time to make our own caramel, we just melted down the little pre-packaged caramel cubes.  we used gala, fiji, and macintosh (my favorite) apples.  normally we would go crazy decorating the apples, but we decided to just keep it simple and add some crushed peanuts.  on a fall evening, nothing beats the pairing of a tart apple with sweet caramel and salty peanuts.  

these apples may not be picture perfect (by the end we ran out of enough caramel to actually dip the apples in, so we had to sort of drizzle it on) but they sure are tasty! 


Sarah said...

These look SOOOOOOO good this is the kind of food that keeps my dentist in business haha. You looks so cute dipping them in your kitchen =) Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!


Laurie said...

@Sarah thanks soooo much, you are so sweet! it's true, this type of treat isn't great for teeth...but they sure are tasty! thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to make this but have to comment to say: what a cute apron!

Laurie said...

@7legs thank you! i think it's a cute apron too! it was a gift from a friend for my bridal shower last summer. it came as a set inside of a recipe box that had the same pattern on it. it is from vera bradley and the color is called "make me blush"

jen fuller said...

ah yours look like they turned out better than ours - and you used butter (we used water...i know, not very smart)! delicious :)

Laurie said...

@jen i think yours looked great! i liked that you used crushed up oreos, that sounds good! we did put a little bit of butter in the caramel (ryan thought that would be a good idea) but, it really didn't help too much so i ended up adding some milk. as soon as i added the milk it turned to a nice consistency for dipping the apples.