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Friday, October 28, 2011

here comes halloween!

happy friday!  

if you know anything about ryan, you know that he LOVES lights.  seriously, his specialty is theatrical lighting design.  he has designed lights for a ton of shows, and i think that he is super talented!   he has a great eye for that kind of thing.  his love of lights carries over to our house too.  we even have a light show in our basement . . . i kid you not.  (it is actually a ton of fun to put clothes into the washer and dryer with a disco ball turning in the corner and multi-colored lights moving in time to music!)

so, when ryan found this video on you tube, i just had to share it.  this family in riverside, california created a ridiculously elaborate light show in their front yard last year for halloween.  it is set to michael jackson's thriller, and it is so impressive!  check it out!

halloween is right around the corner . . . just a few more days.  what are you dressing up as this year for halloween?

have a wonderful weekend!
love, laurie

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