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Thursday, July 8, 2021

for miss kitty

hi everyone, leko here . . . normally mom yells when i walk my four paws across the computer keyboard, but today she said she'd make an exception when i told her i wanted to write a blog post.  

for several years, i've been distant friends with miss kitty (she lived with dad's aunt sandy and uncle ed).  mom and dad told me that miss kitty crossed over the rainbow bridge last week and is now in kitty heaven.  i was really sad to hear this. 

i really enjoyed the letters miss kitty used to send me in the mail.  remember when miss kitty sent me a birthday card, or the time when miss kitty sent me a valentine's day cardmiss kitty even helped out with my campaign the first time i ran for president!

i wanted to send some extra fur and cuddles to aunt sandy and uncle ed.  i know miss kitty will have lots of tuna to eat and toys to play with in kitty heaven.

love, leko


ma pa camlet said...

What a beautiful picture and writing. Leko you brought tears to grandma's eyes. Miss Kitty is now a guardian angel kitty and is with all of our other kitty angels in Heaven. May you be in peace.
Our thoughts are with Ed and Sandy during this difficult time.
God Bless You

Mom H. said...

This painting of the rainbow bridge is beautiful and I love the way Leko wrote to Uncle Ed and Aunt Sandy. They have been devastated over the loss of their beloved Miss Kitty after sharing their home with her for about ten years. We know how heart-breaking it is to say good-bye to our special kitties, and our thoughts are with them at this sad time. Thank you, Leko, for this special blog post.