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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

a birthday card for leko

i mentioned on friday that leko turns six years old this month.  our parents helped to celebrate leko's birthday this weekend by bringing him his favorite thing ever (tuna!) when they came up to our house on saturday.

i came home from work on monday night and checked the mailbox to find an envelope addressed to leko!  i was so excited and showed him right away.  he was pretty intrigued.  i opened it and found the cutest birthday card ever from miss kitty (and ryan's aunt sandy and uncle ed)!  it was so cute, i just couldn't believe it.

we loved that the kitten on the outside of the card looks just like leko!  the picture of miss kitty inside with the orange paw print and tuna fish sticker was adorable!  the pink sticker on the top inside of the card changes as you move it back and forth to say "hugs and fishes" . . . too cute!

thank you, miss kitty, aunt sandy, and uncle ed!  that card made our day!  we have it displayed by leko's food dish so that he can see it when he eats (which is basically all the time)!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

What a pleasant surprise and cute idea. I bet Leko really likes it.

Mom H. said...

That is just too cute!!! Very thoughtful!