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Friday, January 8, 2021

we're not setting new year's resolutions for 2021 but we are guiding the year with "answers"

we've never been ones for resolutions, but we have set some goals in the past at the start of each new year.  this year, for the most part, we're just gonna roll with 2021 and see how it goes.

thanks to the holderness family for continuing to make us laugh as we start a new year!

also, this keeps circling the internet and let's all agree to be good, please . . .

recently, someone said "there are years that ask questions and years that answer them."  last year was definitely a year of questions, so this year is going to be a year of answers.  i like that.

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Great video, that reminds me of me!

Well, when you ask the question, an answer will show up one way or another.

Mom H. said...

Another good video. It really just highlights how sad this past year has been and how sad this new year is starting out - very depressing.