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Thursday, January 7, 2021

around the theatre

even though we didn't have a show the week between christmas and new years, we were in the theatre doing a little bit of work on the stage.  i always love when it's quiet in there and it's just the two of us working.

after work, it was time to take advantage of the long, long hallways at work and practice on the hoverboard that ryan bought us for christmas.  we didn't want to break our bodies so we got one of the walkers out of storage and used it as "training wheels" to get our balance on the hoverboard!  we were laughing so hard at the sight of this!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Ryan looks like he is really enjoying himself in his element. That is such a clever idea using a walker so you do not fall. Watch you do not give the residents ideas and you have a bunch of seniors spinning around the halls on hover boards and walkers. You may have hover board races. Watch out!

Mom H. said...

I think the hover board races would be mighty interesting! Be careful on that thing!
I always like to see what is going on in the theater. We miss being there.