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Thursday, October 1, 2020

leko for president (again)

we sat down on tuesday evening to watch the presidential debate.  we don't get involved in politics at all, and certainly don't typically watch things like presidential debates, but we just had to watch this one to see what level of nonsense would be displayed on tv.  in true laurie-and-ryan style, we lit up the living room red and blue for some theatrical lighting to go with the theatrical acting that was about to take place on tv.  

when we watched the debate four years ago, i decided that the country was doomed and that leko should run for president.  if you remember, we made leko a campaign poster, and ryan's aunt and uncle printed out leko's campaign sign and put it in their yard!  definitely one of the best things i had ever seen!  leko actually got several votes too!

well, here we go again.  we decided he had to run for president again because the country is an absolute embarrassment right about now.  thus, i present to you, leko's 2020 campaign poster . . .

that hot mess train wreck on tv was beyond embarrassing and i can't believe that adults can act so childish.  no one was a "winner" of that debate because it was so immature (that poor moderator couldn't even get a word in or control them) but there certainly is one candidate who is better than the other.  please, please, please vote wisely this year folks!

love, laurie


Mom H. said...

Leko is a very distinguished candidate. I wish him luck with his campaign!

ma pa camlet said...

My vote goes to my furry grandkid.