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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

a chance to dance again!

it has been exactly 2 years and 4 months since the last time i danced with a dance company.  the company that i was dancing with closed after our 2018 recital, and that was the last chance i had to dance.  it somehow seems like that was forever ago.

i am beyond thrilled that i have been given an opportunity to dance again.  there is a dance studio in our area that ryan has been light designing for over the past several years.  they moved their productions to the theatre where i work last year, and we've become somewhat close.  they know my background and asked me if i would consider coming on board with them as their newest teacher/choreographer.  

i was so flattered to be asked to teach dance again, and after some consideration ryan and i decided to jump at the opportunity!  the dance studio is opening for the season this week, and tonight is my first night teaching for them!  i'm thrilled to be teaching lyrical, ballet, and jazz.  they shared my bio and photo on their social media this weekend which was sweet (see above).  

of course, all proper measures are being taken in order to teach in-person in light of the pandemic.  all students and staff will wear masks at all times, temperatures are taken before each class, designated individual dance areas are marked out on the floor for each student, the building is being sanitized regularly, new air filters have been installed, and the waiting room is closed.

i'm so grateful for this chance and look forward to having a fun outlet again because i have really missed dance so much.  fingers crossed that this old and out-of-shape body can keep up after over 2 years off from dancing!

love, laurie 


ma pa camlet said...

Excellent! I was thinking last week that it has been a long time since you danced. I am so glad you are doing it again because dance is so balancing for the mind and body and you really enjoy it. I just hope that you are safe because all the sweat and heavy breathing of the students. Be careful.

Mom H. said...

I am thrilled for you that you have been given this opportunity! I'm sure you will enjoy the chance to dance and teach again, and, no, you are not out-of-shape at all!