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Monday, July 27, 2020

blueberry picking

we always enjoy going to local farms in the summer to go berry picking.  we didn't get to go at all last year, and this year we weren't able to make it during the weeks that strawberries were available for picking.  so, we were happy to be able to get to a blueberry farm this weekend to go blueberry picking.

the first time we went blueberry picking at paupack blueberry farm, we got a bunch of berries, but the last time we visited, we hardly got enough to cover the bottom of our bucket.  so, we were really pleased to find an abundance of blueberries this year and we were able to fill our buckets full!

it was a warm morning, but the breeze was refreshing.  it was nice to get outside and escape for a little bit in the blueberry fields.  a few pictures from our picking adventures . . .

when we got home, leko had to inspect our blueberry bucket.  of course we didn't let him get too close to them, because we didn't want his fur to get stained from the berries!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That was a really fun day walking the farm. We sure picked a bucket full. I love the pictures of the blueberry clusters and the different ripeness of the berries. Trying to find my blueberry muffin recipe so I can make some muffins.

Mom H. said...

I enjoyed these photos. The sky is just beautiful, and the berries are such a variety of colors. It looks like Leko approved of them.