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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

a socially-distant graduation in quarantine

despite being in the middle of a pandemic, notre dame high school found a creative way for their seniors to graduate on saturday by holding a socially-distant graduation outside at pocono raceway.  we were thrilled to be able to go and see colin's graduation in person!

it's so hard to believe that it has already been four years since colin graduated from 8th grade and now it's time for him to graduate high school and go to college!

it was so special to be able to see him graduate!  we're so proud of colin for being valedictorian and for winning a handful of awards at graduation too!

here are a few photos from the day . . .

^we went with my parents in their car.  the graduates were in cars with their families and guests were parked behind the graduates.^
^waiting for the ceremony to start.^
^ryan found a creative way to prop up his phone on the driver's seat so that we could see the screen from the backseat.^
^we watched the ceremony on the jumbo screens and it was also broadcast on the tv and internet for people to watch at home too.^
^the pace car led the way for the graduates.  the graduates received their diplomas in their cars and then took a victory lap around the track.  such a unique experience!^
^yay, colin!!!^
^colin gave a great valedictorian speech too!^
^after the ceremony at the racetrack, the seniors snuck back to the school to toss their hats outside in the courtyard.^
^the kissells had really great signs made up for colin and put in their front yard.^
^i can't believe colin is all grown up and graduating high school!  i remember wearing that same green graduation robe and holding a tiny 2 year old colin in my arms when i graduated from notre dame 17 years ago!^
^the day finished off with with a custom cake and cookies for colin!^

congrats, colin!
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Even though it was not a traditional graduation, it was done up very well and the students had a different opportunity to celebrate.

Mom H. said...

You took really great photos. The school did a really great job making graduation special for these seniors.