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Monday, December 30, 2019

we survived the nutcracker . . . barely!

wow, wow, wow!  we made it!  we actually survived the nutcracker!

i have been a part of countless productions in my theatre career, but this year's nutcracker was a whole different level of crazy than anything i've ever experienced before.  the production was a marathon, and i'm thrilled to say that we finished load out last night and it's over.  sure, we have lots of clean up to do and the entire theatre has to be restored back to normal, but it done!!!

i truly feel like a walking zombie and every part of my body is sore.  i don't have a ton of great photos from this crazy production, but i do have a few snapshots as memories from the past few weeks.  we snapped the photo above right before we began the last public performance.  by that time we were sleepwalking, and it shows!

since this year was the first year the nutcracker moved to our theatre, we just had to get t-shirts to remember to occasion.  one night after a dress rehearsal, we snapped a few photos of us in our shirts sitting on the throne that clara and the nutcracker prince sit on in act 2 . . .

i was running around so much during the performances that i didn't get to take many pictures, but i did capture a few from front of house on my phone . . .

after the final performance, we gathered most of the crew together for a crew photo.  it was nice, because the crew rarely ever gets a photo . . .

so thrilled that it's all over!!!
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

I like these photos and am glad that you were able to get some of the performance. They are really pretty.

ma pa camlet said...

Yes, you did and I am glad. No one was harmed.