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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

disco wizard of oz

yeah, you read that right: "disco wizard of oz" was the name of a show that i recently worked. 

for the past few years, a local company has been teaming up with a local school to put on a show staring adults with mental disabilities.  it's a great program that gives this group of people the chance to be in a show and experience theatre in a way that they would normally not be able to in their everyday lives.  this is the third year for the program, and each year ryan has designed lights for the productions.  this year, he asked me to join since they were in need of someone to run the sound board, and i was happy to help out.

i love the wizard of oz and have been in it (and even dressed as dorothy this past halloween) so i was interested in seeing how it could be made into a disco.  normally sound board operators would dress in all black, but this show was an exception, so i got to rock my ruby red slippers and my blue hair bows at the end of my braids in addition to my show t-shirt.  all of the cast and crew really got a kick out of my shoes.

all-in-all, the show went well and the cast had a blast, they were even featured on the 6pm news that night.

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

I love the shoes too. Also the red sneakers on the shirt. I should get a pair of those shoes for ushering.

Mom H. said...

That's a cute t-shirt and I like your red shoes as well.