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Monday, July 2, 2018

a bike ride, a bald eagle, and fireworks

i was bummed that ryan and i had opposite schedules on saturday.  i had to work a show during the day/afternoon when he was off, and then he had to go to work in the evening when i was off.  i got a really nice surprise when he called to say he finished up early and was able to get out of work before we lost daylight on saturday.  as soon as he got home, we threw our bikes on the back of the car and headed out to our favorite bike trail for a ride to soak up any ounce of daylight left.  luckily, we had enough daylight to get our entire bike ride in, and little did we know that we would find a bald eagle along the way!  we have never seen a bald eagle in our area, let alone right along the bike trail so close to us!  we were completely shocked!

all we had with us was ryan's cell phone, so we snapped a few photos on his phone to remember our super close encounter with this friendly bald eagle!

on the way home, we capped off our night by stopping for some ice cream at our favorite local spot and while we were there we saw a fireworks display.  all in all, it was a saturday night that turned out to be a nice little surprise date night!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

What a beautiful bird. I am surprised that the eagle stay there when you rode by. He seemed so close and he was not afraid.

Mom H. said...

It's always a special treat to see a bald eagle.