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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

a family strawberry picking adventure

we absolutely love going strawberry picking in the summer.  i have been craving summer strawberries so badly for the past few weeks but have had to be very patient waiting because the strawberry crop was a little late this year.

since our schedules have been crazy, we carved out a little time bright and early sunday morning to go on a strawberry picking adventure before the pick-your-own berries season ended.  this year, it was nice that our parents were able to join us.

we got up nice and early to get to the strawberry farm as soon as they opened at 8am in order to beat the heat.  we have been in a heat wave for the past few days, so a light-weight sun dress and a top knot were necessary for sure.

we took a little tractor ride out to the field, filled our buckets, and soaked up the ambiance and the aromas and of strawberries in the summer sun.

ryan and i picked about 5 pounds of strawberries and were pleased to see that they were much bigger than previous years.  so far, we have enjoyed our strawberries on top of ice cream and in our cereal.  we're really looking forward to having those delicious berries in our fridge all week long to eat!

a few photos from our early morning family strawberry picking adventure . . .

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That was a fun time and it has been tasty eating all the strawberries.

Mom H. said...

The strawberries are really good from this grower - nice and sweet. We finally got to go berry-picking with you after all these years!