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Monday, February 19, 2018

surprise flowers

this past monday was my first day of work at my new job.  the first week felt like a month because there was just so much information to absorb, people to meet, etc. but i am absolutely loving my new position so far!

when i came home from my first day of work on monday, there was a surprise waiting for me from ryan.  he had bought me the most beautiful and colorful bouquet of flowers!  next to the flowers was the sweetest congratulations card telling me how proud he was of me for taking this step on this new journey.  by the time i reached the end of the message in the card i was crying like a baby.  that hubby of mine certainly is the best!

of course i had to snap several pictures of my beautiful flowers!  i have been enjoying the flowers all week and hope they last for a while!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

The flowers are absolutely beautiful. The colors go so well together and are bright and cheery. You do have a wonderful thoughtful husband. Yes, we are all proud of you taking this big step to follow what you love.

Mom H. said...

These flowers are absolutely beautiful! I love all the colors together, especially the purple tones alongside the orange. Ryan is so thoughtful and considerate! I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying this new chapter in your life and I wish you all the best in this position!