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Thursday, November 30, 2017

royal rules

unless you've been living off the grid or under a rock, by now, thanks to nearly every media outlet, you know that price harry and meghan markle are engaged.  she's the first american to be engaged to a british royal in over 90 years, and everyone is a buzz about it.

i found this article interesting about strict rules for royals.  i knew about #7 but didn't know about the others . . .

1. keep one eye on the queen at all times.  when she stands, you stand.  never turn your back to her, and when she is finished eating, don't take another bite.

2. always pack an all-black outfit when traveling abroad in case there's a sudden funeral to attend.

3. don't sign autographs or take selfies.

4. keep your chin parallel to the floor when sitting, taking photos, and walking up/down stairs.

5. pasta, rice, and potatoes are not allowed at dinner, and garlic is banned from buckingham palace.

6. don't vote or run for political office.

7. never cross your legs at the knee when sitting, instead cross them at the ankle or just keep them together and to the side.

(if pasta and garlic are a no-no, i guess there's no "italian night" dinner then!)
love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

Those rules are interesting.