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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

hiking salt springs state park - part 1

most of the labor day weekend was cool and rainy, but the weather was absolutely gorgeous on monday for labor day.  since we both had the day off work, we decided to make the most of it and drove up to salt springs state park for some hiking.  we had never been there before, but heard it was really nice.  we certainly were not disappointed.  we got there in the morning and started off by hiking the trail along the waterfall.  it was so pretty.  we then hiked above the waterfall, stopped for a picnic lunch that we packed, and finished out our afternoon by hiking along a creek.

since we had so much rain the days before, the trails were rather muddy and the rocks were very slippery along the water.  we ended up pretty dirty by the end of our hike, but it was worth it because it was so pretty and peaceful there.  we definitely look forward to going back.

^i didn't see that rainbow or sun flare on ryan until i looked at the pictures on my computer after we were home.  what a celestial husband i have!^
^you know, always a dancer!  poor form, but we'll ignore that because the rocks were slippery.^

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That is really beautiful scenery. I am glad both of you got a chance to get out and enjoy nature. What a pretty place. I have never seen a rainbow or sun flare on a person before. That is really neat.

Mom H. said...

That looks like a very pretty place. I never heard of it until now.