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Friday, May 19, 2017

school's out for summer . . . well, kinda.

spring semester classes are finally over at the university where i work and the students graduate this weekend.  summer classes start right back up on monday, but there are always far fewer students on campus during the summer months as compared to the regular school year.

even though the students are on summer break and i'm not because i work year round, i enjoy the feeling of the campus emptying out at the end of the year because it is much quieter (and more parking spots are available too).  i know it takes students in order to make a university function, but i relish the less hectic summer months on campus.

as university classes come to a close, we're shifting gears in our house to another show season filled with summer concerts and summer dance recitals.  my own dance show is less than one month away which means we're all in full crazy mode.  recital costumes are starting to arrive in the mail in large boxes which is always exciting.  on wednesday, our tiniest dancers (just 3 years old) were excited to try on their costumes for their first ever main stage recital.  their costumes came with teddy bears wearing matching costumes which has to be the greatest keepsake ever from a first recital!  here's a picture i snapped of some of them in class (complete with a photo bomb by one of the little sisters who is just 1 year old and can't wait to take dance class) . . .

thank goodness it's friday because this was a particularly rough week.  i'm hoping to be able to set the imaginary "reset" button this weekend.  even though we have to work this weekend and i have several hours of dance rehearsal, i'm looking forward to a few hours carved out on saturday night to spend some super quality girl time with a dear friend who is coming into town to visit.

have a good one
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Oh how adorable.

Mom H. said...

So cute! I love the matching teddy bears.