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Thursday, May 18, 2017

summer, is that you?

the weather took a drastic turn this week.  i went from wearing a sweater yesterday morning on my way to work because it was chilly, to sweating like crazy as the car read 91 degrees in the evening on my way home from work . . . how crazy.  i'm very grateful for the warmer temperatures, but i'm not a fan of the sudden changes that shock your system.  it always takes me a little bit in order to acclimate myself (especially when you spend your nights in a sweat box - a.k.a. dance studio prepping for a recital . . . the air was so thick in there last night you could have cut it with a knife).  regardless, i'm very happy for nice weather finally and for lots of color in bloom!

love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

Glad to see the sun shining and so warmer weather. But i am not used to this heat, especially since there is no a/c in school. It is registering 88 in here and I feel like I jumped in a pool and soaking wet.

Mom H. said...

I agree with you; this sudden hot weather came too quickly. It always seems to happen this way - cool to hot in one day! Those flowers are beautiful!