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Friday, April 21, 2017

walt disney world: epcot

on the last day of our weekend trip to disney, we spent easter sunday at epcot.  epcot is so awesome because you can travel to outer space in future world, go under the sea in the aquarium section, and visit 11 countries around the world in the world showcase, all in just one day.  as ryan said, it's the perfect blend of fun and education.

when we booked this trip, we had no idea that we were going to be in epcot during their annual international flower and garden festival!  all of the flowers were absolutely beautiful.  the topiary displays of the disney characters were particularly extravagant!

here are a combination of photos we snapped and photos from the disney photographers from our easter sunday in epcot . . .

^a fellow park visitor snapped this shot on our camera for us.  as we were standing there, she saw the monorail coming and perfectly timed the photo with the monorail in the background!  thanks, complete stranger!^
^let me tell you about this ride, it was wild!  the test track ride lets you design your own high performance car and then test drive it (at crazy speeds).  it was the very first ride we went on as soon as the park opened.  that first picture up there is hysterical because my hair is out of control.  we had no idea what we were in for because i had never ridden it before.  we loved it so much that we fast passed it and rode it again later in the day.  i learned to pull my hair back, only to find that ryan was covering my whole face with his arm in the photo!^
^this garden in "canada" was breathtaking!  it was so picturesque, i could have stayed in it all day.^
^all of "paris, france" was gorgeous.  there's just something so romantic and magical about it.^
^we both completely feel in love with the detailed mosaic tile work in "moracco" because it was so intricate and colorful^
^okay, so when it came to picking a restaurant for easter sunday dinner, it was an easy choice once i knew we would be in epcot on easter.  ever since i was a little girl, i've wanted to eat at the coral reef restaurant.  i blame all of those 90s sitcoms that shot episodes there for that!  i made reservations before we left home, and our meals were wonderful!  it totally exceeded my expectations.  we spent the whole dinner soaking in the huge aquarium.^
^epcot's fireworks/water/light show at the end of the night was crazy.  i'm glad we fast passed it because we ended up with front row seats!  it was such a crazy vantage point!^
^we both absolutely loved how the epcot ball was lit up purple and orange at night, my two favorite colors.  we matched the colors perfectly too!  all of the photographers kept commenting that we matched perfectly!^

love, laurie

. . . 

you can see more of our disney trip photos here, here, and here


ma pa camlet said...

What brightly colored flowers and landscaping. I love the beauty and the beast topiaries. How appropriate that the sphere is lit purple and orange, someone is saying "welcome."

Mom H. said...

These are all beautiful photos! This place is truly a photographer's paradise.