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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

walt disney world: the magic kingdom

the long easter holiday weekend allowed us to spend three full days enjoying the disney world parks.  since it was ryan's first time to disney world, it felt only right to start off with the magic kingdom, so we kicked off our park experience on friday by going to the magic kingdom.  we spent the entire day there, from 7:30am until midnight.

it's amazing how much is still the same and hasn't changed over the years, yet there were a ton of new things too.  thank goodness for the fast pass system which allowed us to get on every ride we wanted to ride and to see every attraction that we wanted to see.  it was huge time saver and we wouldn't have been able to accomplish so much in the park in just one day without it!

one of the things we loved about our trip was that we bought the memory maker photo pass package.  there are photographers all over the park who are there to take your pictures in front of so many great spots, which is especially wonderful when you are traveling with just two people and don't want to keep asking random strangers to take photos of you so that you can both be in the picture.  the package also gives you the photos from several of the rides too!  it turned out to be worth every penny!

we had an absolute blast on friday in the magic kingdom!  here are a combination of photos we snapped and photos from the disney photographers from our day in the magic kingdom . . .

^seeing ryan in front of the famous walt disney & mickey mouse statue followed by watching the opening show in front of cinderella's castle actually brought a tear to my eye.  we have been talking about a disney trip for years, so i couldn't believe we were finally there in person together!  it was a great way to kick off the day.^
^you can't go to disney world without saying hi to mickey mouse and giving him a big hug!  yes, we may be 32 year old adults, but we sure felt like little kids!^
^hello, splash mountain! (and hello, yellow poncho, which saved the day keeping my non-water friendly camera dry!)^

^awesome view of the castle in the background from way up in the swiss family robinson's tree house (and i'll totally forgive ryan for having no idea what the swiss family robinson was . . . i'm definitely going to make him watch it now!)^
^we took a brief pause in the afternoon from riding the rides in order to catch the festival of fantasy parade with a cup of iced coffee to cool us down^
^the photographer at the sword in the stone told us to hang on a few seconds for our photo in order to wait for the carousel to spin.  so glad we did because the effect was awesome!^
^the seven dwarf's mine train roller coaster is new and it was the only ride that we had to wait in line for but it was worth the wait because it was awesome . . . and we were in the front row!^
^we both loved the lighting in this rapunzel-inspired shot!^
^we all know my love of cinderella, so we couldn't pass up an opportunity to take a photo in front of her gorgeous carriage.  it was lit so beautifully too!^
^i read recently that the magic kingdom fireworks display costs $33,000 each night.  when you see it in person, it's no wonder that it costs so much.  we both agreed that it was the most elaborate and elegant display we've ever seen.  there truly is nothing else like it!^

love, laurie

. . .

you can see more of our disney trip photos here


ma pa camlet said...

Wonderful shots! The old place still looks great.

Mom H. said...

Wow, these are great photos! I was wondering how you were getting photos with both of you in them. It looks like it was a magical day and night!