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Friday, August 26, 2016

"all the small things"

i was never a huge blink 182 fan, but they sure were popular when i was in high school.  i can still remember when "all the small things" was released in 2000.  it was pretty much the only song that radio stations and rollerskating rinks played.  i haven't heard that song or thought about that song in years, until last night.  now i've had it stuck in my head all morning because last night ryan and i worked the blink 182 tour that was in town.

it was a huge crew call (the largest call of any concert at that venue this summer) and it was easy to see why.  there was just so much that went into that show.  i often wonder if concert goers truly understand what happens behind the scenes to make a concert like this happen for them to watch from their seats.  the answer is no . . . i know that, but it really got me thinking that it really is "all the small things" that make this giant big thing happen.  around 100 were on the stage just to load this show out.  it was like a whirl wind.  at one point i just stood there kind of stunned at the whole process.  (after all these years of working in a performing arts / entertainment industry, i still find it remarkable what it takes to pull a show together.)

before we started working, we were standing and waiting for the band to finish playing so that we could load out the show and it could move onto its next venue.  i wasn't paying much attention to what the band was doing (because ryan was trying to fit me into a hardhat, the road crew guy was trying to tell us about how he needs a root canal, and the pyro is so loud it's deafening) until i heard "all the small things" as the encore.  it immediately took me back.  i thought to myself, "honestly, who is going to a bink 182 concert in 2016?"  well, apparently a lot of people.

we didn't get home until a crazy hour at night (well, technically it was this morning.)  thus, i feel like a zombie today, but we'll power through because weekend is upon us in just a few hours!

have a great one!
and i hope you don't get that song stuck in your head all day too! ;-)
love, laurie


ma pa camlet said...

That sounds like a fun evening.

Mom H. said...

I can't even imagine that many people on stage working on a load-out!!!