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Monday, July 11, 2016

carnival sunshine cruise to canada - part 4

the second port of call on our cruise to canada was halifax, nova scotia.  one of the most popular spots in nova scotia is peggy's cove which is home to the famous peggy's cove lighthouse.  the lighthouse on the edge of peggy's point is the most photographed lighthouse in all of canada.  it was built in 1915 and sits along the south shore of the tiny rustic fishing village of peggy's cove.

less than 60 residents live in the village of peggy's cove year round.  it is such a quaint little area with brightly colored houses nestled close to the water's edge.  while we were there, we really enjoyed exploring the village and admiring the beautiful lighthouse.

^ryan took this panoramic shot on his phone, and i just love it.  it really captures the area.  i love that my parents and i are in there too.  it's like where's waldo . . . can you find us?^
^this bagpiper and this sweet accordion player serenaded everyone as they explored peggy's cove.^
^i mean, come on!  this little village is so pretty.  the weather was gorgeous which made for some really great photos!  every time i turned around i found another view that was more perfect than the last.  it was like walking through a postcard.^
^it was neat to see the degarthe monument which was carved from a massive slab of granite by artist william degarthe as a tribute to the people of peggy's cove.^
^before we left, we were able to get our passports stamped at peggy's cove which made for a neat little memento!^

love, laurie

. . . 

you can see more photos from our cruise to canada here: part 1, part 2, part 3


ma pa camlet said...

I love Peggy's Cove and it's quaint little fishing village. Seems as if we stepped back in time. I really like the picture of you on the rock with the lighthouse in the background. Great pictures, as always.

Mom H. said...

That was just a beautiful place! Everywhere you looked it was so picturesque! I especially like your photos of your parents with the lighthouse behind them and also the photo of you and Ryan with the lighthouse behind you.