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Thursday, July 7, 2016

carnival sunshine cruise to canada - part 2

we really enjoyed our cruise aboard the carnival sunshine to canada last week.  after we boarded the ship and sailed out of manhattan, we had a full day at sea before we arrived in canada.  once we left canada, we had another full day at sea before we made it back home to nyc.  we enjoyed our days at sea on the ship, although it was much, much colder than any of us anticipated.  here are a few pictures from around the ship on our days at sea . . .

^it's always so pretty to walk the open-air decks while at sea, but it sure is windy!  it was so cold too!  i'm really glad i packed a long-sleeve top, i ended up wearing it almost every day!^
^it was nice traveling with family and being able to all have dinner together each night in the dining room.^
^our beach towels saw more action as blankets than they did as swimming towels.  we were determined to sit out on the open-air decks to soak up the sunshine, despite the fact that we had to cuddle close and bundle up to stay warm!  we kept joking that a cruise to alaska might have been warmer!^
^there's always so much to eat on cruise ships.  i swear, all we did for five days was eat!^
^we did manage to get our bathing suits on and swim on our last day at sea!  we spent some time warming up in the hot tub before taking a dip in the heated pool.  the waterfall was a really neat feature.  it fell three decks from the hot tub to the pool below!^
^our waiter was so entertaining.  he really enjoyed dancing with my mom almost every night at dinner!^
^oh my goodness, we couldn't believe how foggy it was!  luckily, it cleared up.^
^bundled up to stay warm yet again!  i just couldn't get over ryan's dad in his hat!^
^it's always fun to get dressed up for formal night and to take pictures around the ship!^
^carnival's warm chocolate melting cake really is insane!^
^one of the highlights of formal night is getting to meet the captain of the ship and his crew!^
^sunsets at sea really are spectacular!  this sunset was so colorful, it almost looked like a painting!^

love, laurie

. . . 

you can see more photos from our canada cruise here: part 1


ma pa camlet said...

Beautiful photos. Looks like we took a trip to Alaska the way we are bundled up.

Mom H. said...

Great photos! Let's eat!!! Now I'm hungry.