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Monday, December 28, 2015

christmas eve 2015

we had such a great time celebrating christmas this past weekend with our families!  on thursday, my parents and aunt came up to our house for christmas eve.  we exchanged presents, cooked with my mom, and ate way too many christmas cookies.  it was a wonderful christmas eve!

^for dinner, my mom made the most amazing salmon wellington.  individual phyllo dough bundles stuffed with mushroom pate, salmon, and pesto . . . yum!  she also made a delicious vegetable tartan dish.  it was all so good!^
^after dinner we enjoyed way too many cookies.  there were so many varieties between the cookies that we made and the cookies that my mom made.  my mom also made "snowball" ice cream balls which were delicious.  she mixed mini chocolate chips, nuts, and maraschino cherries into vanilla ice cream, rolled them into balls, and then covered them in coconut.  oh my goodness!^
^after dessert, we exchanged gifts with my parents.  of course leko got in on the action too.  one of the gifts on my parents' christmas list was a new mop.  as soon as we brought it home from the store, ryan went to work creatively wrapping it.  he wrapped the whole mop in brown paper and then created a head around the top of the mop to look like a reindeer.  he sure is creative!^

hope everyone had a great christmas eve too!
love, laurie

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