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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

christmas day 2015

we had such a great time celebrating christmas with our families on both christmas eve and christmas day!

on christmas morning, ryan and i shared breakfast and exchanged christmas presents with each other at our house.  leko enjoyed helping us too!  he's so good at tearing the wrapping paper with his teeth.

in the afternoon, our families and friends came up to our house to celebrate christmas day.  we had dinner and of course our traditional tiramisu for dessert, along with a ton of christmas cookies.  we exchanged gifts with ryan's parents too.  it was such a great day!

^caught red handed!  this guy sure enjoyed taking the bows off the presents with his teeth.  how naughty!^
^leko camped out on ryan's lap pretty much the entire time we were opening presents on christmas morning.  leko also claimed a pair of socks that ryan bought me from j.crew.  he used them as a pillow for about 20 minutes!  silly kitten.^
^he's really getting good at opening presents with his teeth!  he always has us in stitches laughing so hard.  i love this close up of him.  he looks so ferocious but really he is so innocent and sweet!^
^dinner was so good, and of course you can never have too many christmas cookies for dessert.  between us, my mom, and ryan's mom there sure were a lot of cookies!^

hope everyone had a wonderful christmas too!
love, laurie

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