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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

our anniversary weekend in nyc - part 2

we had such a great time celebrating our anniversary in nyc over the weekend.  (you can see part one of our trip here with pictures from our day spent in manhattan on friday.)

on saturday morning we got up bright and early to walk the brooklyn bridge from manhattan to brooklyn.  we walked the bridge once before two years ago on a very rainy summer day.  ever since then we have wanted to walk the bridge again in dry weather.  so, saturday was the perfect day for a stroll across the bridge.

after making our way across the bridge, we spent some time walking around brooklyn bridge park and enjoying the area.  it was a great day!  here are a few photos from saturday morning . . . 

^the locks on the bridge remind me of the love locks on the pont des arts bridge in paris, france.  luckily, the locks on the brooklyn bridge haven't gotten as out of control as they did in paris!^
^there are such great views of manhattan and brooklyn from the bridge, as well as the neighboring manhattan bridge.^
^it's absolutely wild to stand on top of the traffic as cars whiz by underneath!  the breeze from the cars felt great, especially on such a hot day.  you can see my shirt selves blowing around.^
^the architecture of the brooklyn bridge never fails to amaze me.  it really is incredible!^
^hello, brooklyn!  it's a long walk over the bridge, but it's worth it.  it was a warm day, but there was such a nice breeze blowing the entire time we were walking over the bridge, which was really refreshing.^
^there's a great view of lower manhattan from brooklyn bridge park.  you can see the statue of liberty too.^
^right now, jeppe hein's please touch the art installation is all over brooklyn bridge park.  we were excited to see the colorful interactive sculptures which are designed specifically for public interaction.^
^jeppe hein's "appearing rooms" is also on display in brooklyn bridge park.  a series of "rooms" formed out of jets of water appear and disappear.  it becomes a game to run into a room before the water appears so that you do not get wet.  most of the little kids playing on the exhibit liked getting wet though!^
^walking over the bridge and around brooklyn bridge park sure made us hungry, so we went to juliana's pizza for lunch right when they opened.  i'm glad we got there when we did because in no time a huge line formed.  i understand why everyone is willing to wait in line, it's definitely worth the wait.  i've said it before and i'll say it again, brooklyn sure knows how to make pizza.  the last time we walked over the brooklyn bridge we stopped at grimaldi's for pizza, so it was only right to even the playing field and try juliana's this time (there's a bit of a rivalry).  i have to say it's a close call, but juliana's has my vote by just a bit.  my all-time favorite type of pizza is rustic coal-fired oven pizza.  it was seriously delicious!^

love, laurie

1 comment:

ma pa camlet said...

I do like that bridge and the seats you are sitting on. The pizza looks tasty. Looks like a fun day.