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Friday, May 15, 2015

norwegian breakaway cruise to bermuda - part 5

i hope you have enjoyed seeing so many pictures this past week from our cruise to bermuda.  (this is the last batch of pictures, i promise!)  we really had such a great time.  while we were docked in bermuda for three days we made sure to squeeze in as much as we could.  we took the public buses and water ferries all over to see as much of the island as possible.

in addition to spending time at horseshoe bay beach and in the city of hamilton, we also visited the town of st. george's, st. david's island, and numerous beaches, including: tobacco bay beach, clearwater beach, turtle beach, elbow beach, and snorkel park beach.  here are a few more pictures from our time in bermuda . . .

^we took a water ferry to visit the quaint historic town of st. george's.  walking the stone streets was like taking a step back in time.^
^these pretty purple flowers were growing all over st. george's.  i'm not sure what type of flower they are, but i love the bright color!^
^while in st. george's, we walked around the town square and we visited the town hall.  the town of st. george's is the oldest continuously occupied town of english origin in the new world.  i had to take pictures of us in the stocks outside the town hall because i have a picture of my brother and me doing the exact same thing in the same spot 10 years ago when we were in bermuda on vacation.^
^i still can't get over the fact that hibiscus flowers grow wild all over bermuda.  i wish we could figure out a way to have them survive year round in pennsylvania!^
^we weren't intending to visit bermuda's famous unfinished church, but we stumbled across it while we were walking around the town of st. george's.  the incomplete gothic ruins are a landmark in the town.  although the construction work of the church was started, it was never completed and now the ruins are a protected historic monument.  it was equally beautiful and spooky to be there.^
^just beyond the unfinished church is tobacco bay beach.  although it was much too cold to swim in the water when we were there, we enjoyed walking around and admiring the beach's beauty.  we also made friends with two resident kitties at the beach!^
^i'm telling you, the flowers that grow wild in bermuda are gorgeous!^
^clearwater beach and turtle beach are adjacent beaches on st. david's island.  it took forever to get there since we had to transfer buses several times and hike a distance to get out to the beaches, but it was worth it for the views of the beautiful blue water.^

love, laurie

. . . 

you can see more photos from our bermuda cruise here: part 1part 2part 3, and part 4


Mom H. said...

It really looks very pretty there. The flowers are just beautiful. I would like to know the name of the one with the spikey petals.

ma pa camlet said...

Great pictures. I do remember some of the places. Looks like you guys hit all of the spots.