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Thursday, May 14, 2015

norwegian breakaway cruise to bermuda - part 4

we loved our cruise aboard the norwegian breakaway to bermuda.  while in bermuda, our ship docked at heritage wharf at the royal naval dockyard.  the dockyard was our central point for the three days we were in bermuda and from there we took public buses and water ferries to explore the island.  here are a few more pictures from our time in bermuda . . .

^moongates can be found all over bermuda, and there was one right where our cruise ship was docked.  according to local legend, couples who kiss under the wedding band-shaped arches will be assured a long and happy life together.  after couples kiss, they are supposed to walk through the limestone archway and make a wish as they look forward to a joyful and prosperous future.^
^the royal naval dockyard is full of lovely old stone buildings.  it felt like we took a step back in time.  i loved seeing the bird of paradise flowers blooming in the royal naval dockyard too.^
^while in bermuda, we took a water ferry ride from the royal naval dockyard to the city of hamilton.  along the way we got to see so many colorful bermuda homes along the coast line.^
^hibiscus flowers grow wild all over bermuda.  they really were everywhere we turned.  we loved seeing all of the different colors of the pretty hibiscus flowers.^
^we walked around the city of hamilton and visited victoria park.  i had to take a picture of ryan standing in front of this moongate at the edge of the park, because i stood in that exact spot with my brother 10 years ago to take a picture when we were in bermuda on vacation with my parents.  it was pretty surreal to be back in the exact same spot a decade later.^
^after walking through victoria park, we strolled through the streets of hamilton until we came to fort hamilton.  it was neat to walk around the fort and to see the city of hamilton below.  the fort had a resident orange kitty so we had to stop to say hi to him too!^
^the cruise ship was so pretty lit up at night as it was docked at heritage wharf, especially with the moongate lit up in front of it.^

love, laurie

. . . 

you can see more photos from our bermuda cruise here: part 1, part 2, and part 3

1 comment:

Mom H. said...

Very pretty photos. I like those moongates and the colorful flowers.