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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

norwegian breakaway cruise to bermuda - part 3

our cruise aboard the norwegian breakaway last week took us to bermuda where we docked for three days.  on our first day in bermuda, the very first thing we did was hop on a public bus and travel to horseshoe bay beach.

horseshoe bay beach was on our list of must-see places in bermuda because it is consistently ranked as the top beach in bermuda.  it's famous for a reason, and as soon as we stepped foot on the beach we immediately knew why it is so celebrated.  horseshoe bay beach has the most beautiful pink sand and crystal clear water.  yes, the sand is actually pink and the water is actually crystal clear.  it is absolutely exquisite!

the long, sweeping crescent-shaped beach gets its name because it forms the shape of a horseshoe.  limestone rocks surround the beach and form a boundary around the beach.  we were able to climb up the limestone rocks for amazing views of the beach below.  we were also able to climb in the caves, tunnels, and passageways formed by the rocks.

we had so much fun walking on the beach, swimming in the water, and exploring the rocks while we were at horseshoe bay beach.  in fact, we had such a great time that we decided to go back again on our second day in bermuda after visiting several other beaches and coming to the conclusion that none of the other beaches were nearly as beautiful.  if you visit bermuda, horseshoe bay beach is a must!

love, laurie

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you can see more photos from our bermuda cruise here: part 1 and part 2


Mom H. said...

It looks really beautiful there. The water is such a pretty shade of blue.

ma pa camlet said...

That is a nice beach. Great rock formations and aqua-colored water and fine pink sand. I could jump into that water right now.