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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

planting flowers with leko

over the weekend, we went to the garden store to pick out a few house plants to decorate our new offices at work.  we went out on our back screen porch to plant them in pots and leko decided that he needed to help out.  he was pretty intrigued by the potting soil in the pots.  he kept delicately placing his paw in the dirt and trying to scoop it up.  we definitely could have used another set of hands to rescue the plants and to keep leko out of the dirt so that he didn't get too filthy!

after we were finished planting everything in the pots we had to take a minute to clean off the kitten.  the plants look great on our window ledges in our new offices at work.  they add such a nice pop of color.

love, laurie


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

So cute how into it he was!

Unknown said...

What a big help! I love that his nose is into everything you do. How would you have planted them without his help?
I bet you get great sunlight in your office windows.

Mom H. said...

He sure is a great little helper!!!