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Thursday, March 5, 2015

bits of happiness

one of my favorite things that i used to do on my blog was the bits of happiness series.  somehow i got away from it, and it's been two and a half years since i did the last one.  (wow, time sure does fly!)  it's so easy to slip into a funk this time of the year.  with our crazy schedule and all of this miserable, brutal winter weather that we have been experiencing, i thought it was a good time to bring this happy list post series back.

here are . . .
ten things currently making me happy:

10. knowing that the show ryan has been working on for months is finally over
9. rehearsing for our next show which is my favorite thing ever - a broadway musical revue 
8. taking ballet class twice per week - it feels so good to be able to dance
7. the fact that last night ryan figured out how to program our garage door opener into the rear-view mirror in the car!!!  (you are awesome, husband!)
6. trying new recipes and having them work out
5. catching up on recorded shows on our dvr
4. seeing robins in our back yard - a sign that spring will eventually get here, i hope
3. my new haircut which makes my mornings so much easier
2. cuddling on cold nights with our fluffy kitten
1. planning vacation and counting down the days - tropical waters, here we come!

. . . 

what is currently making you happy?
love, laurie


Mom H. said...

We were just talking about robins yesterday. The poor things couldn't find a worm anywhere around here! Everything is covered in snow and ice! But we are really looking forward to seeing them return!

ma pa camlet said...

Someone is pretty in pink. We have not seen any robins yet in our neck of the woods. Can't wait until spring.