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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

strawberry picking

on saturday morning we went strawberry picking at a local strawberry farm.  the weather was absolutely gorgeous.  it was the perfect day to be outside enjoying the summer weather.  when we got to the farm, we took a tractor ride to the strawberry fields.  as we drove up to the fields, the air was infused with the smell of strawberries.  it smelled so good!

the strawberries were much larger and riper than previous years.  we filled up our bucket (and our mouths) with fresh strawberries.  we left the farm with several pounds of strawberries and strawberry-stained hands.  it was such a nice way to spend a saturday morning in june.

now, let the strawberry fest at our house commence!  we will be putting strawberries on everything for the next week!

love, laurie

. . .

{previous strawberry picking adventures: 2012 and 2013}


Mom H. said...

Great photos! It looks like fun; we have not picked strawberries since the boys were very little! I still remember how much fun that was. Messy, but fun!

ma pa camlet said...

The strawberries really look ripe, juicy, and sweet. There are so many good recipes you can use them in. How about strawberry scones with a coffee of tea.

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I've been wanting to do this for awhile now - in fact, I just mentioned it to Brian earlier today. Maybe this weekend! Now you just need to share some recipes so they don't all go bad :)